Guide to Ratings

An A+ is a masterpiece which invokes a visceral joy through the simple mention of its name. It invites repeated viewings and continues to delight even the most cynical of viewers time after time. Example: Aoi Hana

An A is a universal recommendation— a consistently excellent show that all should try. Example: Working!!

An A- is a solid recommendation— not necessarily for everyone, but beloved by all who enjoy its aesthetic. Example: Hanasaku Iroha

A B+ is a far-above average show whose minor flaws prevent it from being truly excellent. Example: Kure-nai

A B is inconsistent enough to create a jarring viewing experience, yet good enough that the end result is still above average. Example: Tari Tari

A B- is simply mediocre. Viewers will find it enjoyable enough, yet difficult to recommend. Example: Nisemonogatari

A C+ is a generally bad show with moments of brilliance that prevent it from being unwatchable. Example: No Game No Life

A C cannot be recommended in good faith to anyone other than those most passionate about its subject matter. Example: GJ-Bu

A C- should be avoided. Even those sympathetic to its vision find it poorly executed and unenjoyable. Example: Glasslip

A D is the exceedingly rare show that is truly awful, yet enthusiastic and heartfelt enough to warrant acknowledgement. Example: Angel Beats!

An F is a cynical, exploitative catastrophe— an unconditional waste of every viewer’s time. I have yet to watch a show that warrants this rating.